Back in the food chain

Uria, Bea, and Davide are three young guys from Rome.

On an ordinary summer day along the seaside, they will witness how quickly nature can change its course without warning.
Mankind will have to face its biggest challenge, struggling to merely remain a part of the world as we know it.
Evolution can bring extreme situations, where entire species simply cease to exist.
And this time it looks like its humanity’s turn.

Will Uria, Bea, and Davide survive?
Do they have what it takes, or can they evolve quickly enough to resist nature’s last threat?


Tokusatsu Horror

Astrogamma is a 2015 one-shot reissuing of an episodic comic published between 2005 and 2013 in a magazine called “Hobby Comics”.
Alessandro Caroni took care of the dialogues while I wrote the story and illustrated it.

It's an action packed horror thriller with a tokusatsu twist.
Insanely fast, fierce and ruthless: every aspect of action adventure comics is taken to the extreme.


A sequential effect tour de force

Astrogamma blends western and eastern languages exploiting both their narrative toolsets for a reading experience like no other. It's a sort of John Carpenter meets Devilman explosive mix, where every single visual element is trying capture as much dynamism as possible, brutal grayscale drawings trying to move from a page to another in a reckless run for survival.

Books on fire!

This new edition sports an animated lenticular cover, with 5 frames of animation that seemingly set the book on fire.

Astrogamma was a study in speed in the comic format: how fast can an action sequence feel? Using animation on Astrogamma’s cover gave the book’s interior images a starting pace as if on the verge of moving off the page.


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