My private / non commercial commission system.

Do you want to book me for a private, non commercial commission drawing?

First of all please consider that I usually do private commissions only once a month, on the fourth saturday of every month.
These are the base rates for my commissions:

A4, one character, no background, grayscale, black and white or one color: €150
A3, one character, no background, grayscale, black and white or one color: €250
For custom dimensions please consider additional €100 for every extra A4 module.

Every commission can include grayscale shading and one color, to my discretion.
If it’s good for the drawing you can be sure I’ll be adding some of those techniques and are included in the base price.
For every additional element or for a full color commission we will have to discuss to set a price according to their complexity.

You can ask for your favourite subject, but I may decline if I feel it’s not in my alley.
Please keep in mind that I won’t accept requests involving other artists' properties.
I do commissions to test new techniques, so the style choice is up to me.
I don’t accept digital commissions, while I imagine I could sometime suggest you a mixed media (print+traditional) solution to achieve super cool special effects.

To check for availability and book a free slot please have a look at the list below.
Feel free to write me via the contact form in the contacts/studio website section or (if you use a mail client) just click on the according button below.


JANUARY 2019 - Booked
FEBRUARY 2019 - Booked
MARCH 2019 - Booked
APRIL 2019 - Booked
MAY 2019 - Booked
JUNE 2019 - Booked
JULY 2019 - Booked
AUGUST 2019 - Booked
SEPTEMBER 2019 - Booked
OCTOBER 2019 - Booked
NOVEMBER 2019 - Booked
DECEMBER 2019 - Booked


JANUARY 2020 - Free
FEBRUARY 2020 - Free
MARCH 2020 - Free
APRIL 2020 - Free
MAY 2020 - Free
JUNE 2020 - Free
JULY 2020 - Free
AUGUST 2020 - Free
SEPTEMBER 2020 - Free
OCTOBER 2020 - Free
NOVEMBER 2020 - Free
DECEMBER 2020 - Free