Think of "Duel", in Neutral.

Monolith is a brilliant story by Roberto Recchioni, with a script by Mauro Uzzeo and Roberto himself, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore.

It’s about Sandra, a mother driving the safest car ever built, the Monolith, with her 2 year old son, David. When they stop in the middle of nowhere, out in the empty desert, Sandra accidentally gets locked out of the car.  Now, isolated from civilization, she must save her son from a car designed to be an indestructible vault on wheels. The sun is rising, heating the car’s sheet metal, and time is running out!


From comics to movies and back

Monolith is a digitally painted, 168 page graphic novel at A3 format size.
I tried to recreate a cinematic experience, rather than using my usual synthesis of stylized graphic.

Except in some very special sequences, reality in Monolith is rendered with no visible line art, with color alone.

The main reason behind this direction is because Monolith became a live-action movie while I was working to the book!  I became involved with the film as a visual supervisor, and traveled to the USA to oversee all of the production design. I tried to convey all of the experience gained from working on the set of the movie, focused on recreating what I actually saw out there in the Utah desert, without letting any European clichés or visual culture alter the many vivid memories of those beautiful, amazing new places.

An actual double page spread from a dreamlike sequence.

An actual double page spread from a dreamlike sequence.

Classic comics language as a special effect

Monolith sports drugs, poison and dream sequences that are illustrated with a different, bold, graphic style:
classic comic book lineart becomes a tool to illustrate Sandra's hallucinatory states.


Available in 2 Editions

Monolith was released as a 2 big format hardcover bookstore edition and a single small format issue for the newsstand market.

Hardcover edition: 2 books, 22 x 29,7 cm - 96 pages each.
Softcover edition: single issue, 16 x 21 cm - 180 pages.

Monolith is the first Sergio Bonelli Editore crossmedia project

Italian movie and comic industry joined forces, exploring a completely new production ground crossing books and movies.